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Sometimes it feels like you need a PhD to open a philosophy book and you think, perhaps it's best to leave philosophy to the philosophers, just as science to the scientists.

Frederico Rochaferreira thinks this is tragic, not only for our lives, but also for philosophy, of course. In The Philosophical Reason, he takes the philosophical thinking of the philosophers and places it at the heart of our humanity, as a reward for our most profound efforts to understand.

Investigating the works of some of the most important thinkers of all times, he guides us through the most disturbing dilemmas in history and shows how important it is to examine the nature of events, even those firmly established by tradition and ingrained as truth in the imagination of men.

This way, the reader will be surprised to learn that the last leader of the Jewish Revolt against Rome is directly related to the underground currents that emerged as heresies after the collapse of the Jewish kingdom in 73 dC., and which advanced through the middle ages, such as the cycle of the Holy Grail, until the modern era, such as Freemasonry; and that the Sophist Jew, founder of Christian Doctrine, was marginalized in both Jewish and Christian thought, forgotten and ignored by history.

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