The Strange Art of Thinking


Membro da Oxford Philosophical Society e do Institute of Philosophy - London

The Strange Art of Thinking

By Frederico Rochaferreira

Whatever the understanding and comprehension that I may have of the

nature of things, of life and of history, this perception is the result of the ideas and knowledge of men who came long before me. And my wish is that my thoughts and reflections may awaken in you the same inspiration to reflect and investigate.

The "Strange Art of Thinking" is a book that represents the tip of hundreds of icebergs, where small thoughts and reflections are but the visible tip of larger issues to be examined. As such, it isn't organized in chapters and subjects, as is common in quote books, but it is possible that some subject is explored in sequence. Each page is unique - almost a clean slate, like a newborn child waiting for its development, despite already being a complete being.